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FFM’s decision is scandalous!

-FC Gostivar will be penalized with a deduction of three points and a fine of 1,000 Euro due to a disciplinary offense committed by the player Gordian Hristovski regarding his registration;

– Player Gordian Hristovski has been punished with a disciplinary penalty in accordance with Article 84, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 6 of the Disciplinary Rules – he will be suspended from the game for six months due to committing a disciplinary offense.

📍FFM’s decision is scandalous!
📍You can’t delete our 3 points!
📍Our players won 3 points by fighting on the pitch!
📍Could another team have been given such a punishment?
📍FFM gave the license to Gordijan.
📍If it’s wrong, it’s FFM’s mistake.
📍Was it the only wrong decision in all Macedonian leagues, made to us?
📍Has the person who gave the wrong approval to the license, been penalized?
📍Was this a trap for us?
📍How can Vardar object to a match that was not played against him?
📍How can the FFM accept this objection, even though the objection period has passed?